Immerse Yourself In Nature With The Lumipod By Lumicene

No matter how advanced our technology becomes, nature will always be more impressive, which is why you should reserve some time for mini vacations in the backcountry. Using the Lumipod by Lumicene will help you reconnect to the great outdoors and meditate on what really matters.

The circular cabin retreat features a large, curved glass window consisting of six panels wrapping around the front that can open up to nature. At night, you can stargaze from the comfort of your bed. It has a beautiful burned timber exterior along with wooden floors in the bedroom and plywood cladding for the walls and ceiling. And the pod features a wardrobe, shower area, and toilet for your convenience. This organic habitat stands over 10 feet high and is nearly 18 feet in diameter, which is nice and cozy for an escape into the countryside. The cabin can be constructed in two days and delivered worldwide within six months. Lumicene hopes to get Lumipods delivered in 2020 so stay tuned.

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