Simplify Your Skincare Routine With Lumin’s Complete Collection

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If you’ve done any sort of research regarding the world of skincare, it’s likely that you’ve written it off as a complex, and complicated realm. Although everything that has to do with the medium might seem daunting, Lumin has devised a routine that’s set to simplify men’s skincare for good; a preordained selection of top-end products dubbed the Complete Collection.

The Lumin Complete Collection is the quintessential skincare line for virtually every guy; from seasoned vets who are looking to simplify their routine, all the way to amateur aficionados who are taking their first steps into the wide world of grooming. Inside, you’ll find six of the company’s best-selling products, from a Charcoal Cleanser, and Moisturizing Balm, all the way to Dark Circle Defense, and Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Ingredients like Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Ginger Root Extract, Apple Extract, Activated Charcoal, Shea Butter, and Rosemary have been added to keep your skin looking its best, whilst providing an established foundation for its continued health. For just $100, you’ll receive Lumin’s most lauded collection, alongside a bonus deluxe microfiber washcloth for everyday use. Head to the company’s website to take the first step toward your own quintessential skincare routine.

Purchase: $100