Lumen Eternal Flashlight

If you’ve ever been stuck without any light, thanks to the failed battery of your flashlight, be prepared to be wowed. The Lumen is a flashlight that doesn’t require any batteries or any external energy sources but, instead, uses the warmth of your finger to illuminate the bulb.

The flashlight has a brightness similar to your smartphone’s, except it doesn’t require a battery. Instead, you’re able to essentially keep the device powered with nothing other than the warmth of your finger. It comes with a tiny vial of tritium, which will produce luminous gas for over a decade, that’s placed directly on the light’s case so that you can find it in the dark. Not only is the device highly functional, but it also reduces our footprint on our planet by reducing the need for batteries. It’s available now on Kickstarter for an early backer price of $35. [Purchase]