lululemon’s Recycled Surge Jogger Is Perfect For Cold-Weather Runs

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Try as they might, most brands haven’t figured out the formula for success when it comes to cold weather performance apparel. Make it too thin and you put yourself at an insulative disadvantage; make it too thick and you put a restriction on your range of motion. It’s a precarious balance on the best of days and a hopeless juggling act on the worst of ’em. However, with the Surge Jogger, lululemon proves that no compromise is necessary.

Made from 100% recycled nylon, these joggers come with a number of features that make them the ideal companion for cold weather running. For starters, a tapered design and a four-way stretch construction ensure that they’re moving through your stride rather than putting a halt to your progress. What’s more, lululemon has included a touch of lycra for added comfort and improved shape retention. And thanks to the Surge Joggers’ moisture-wicking properties, they soak away sweat before you even have a chance to catch a chill. Finished off with reflective detailing for visibility and zips at the cuff for easy removal, the result is a pair of joggers that set a new benchmark for running performance apparel. Available in 3 lengths and 5 colors for $118.

Purchase: $118