lululemon Crafted The Perfect Lightweight Cold-Weather Workout Pants

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Sadly, when it comes to cold-weather workouts, most people have been forced to pick between warmth and mobility when it comes to their choice of bottoms. Well, that unfortunate issue can now be turned a thing of the past, so long as you pick up a pair (or two) of lululemon’s Surge Hybrid Pant.

As the name suggests, these fitness-focused bottoms combine the best parts of traditional pants with those of exercise tights, crafting a synergy not found elsewhere. This can be observed, primarily, in the combination of their jogger-like cut — fitting snugly around your lower legs while allowing extra room for your larger upper leg muscles — and warm, abrasion-resistant fabric. Of course, their fit and warmth are only two of their many highlights. Others include sweat-wicking and quick-drying properties, as well as added Lycra in the fabric for additional comfort and stretch. Available in a standard 29″ length (as well as shorter 27″ and longer 31″ versions), you can pick up lululemon’s Surge Hybrid Pant in your choice of three handsome colorways right now for $128 apiece.

Purchase: $128