These Athletic Shorts Are Perfect For Running, Training, & Everything Between

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Increasing your athletic performance can be a complicated process. Yes, you need to do the workouts, but you also have to pay attention to the food and liquid you consume, manage your mood and overall outlook, and even pick out the right apparel to suit your exercise endeavors. While those first two are a bit too personal for us to encroach upon, lululemon can help with the third in a huge number of ways — including with the Pace Breaker Shorts you see here.

Designed specifically for both support and comfort during runs, weight training, and everything in-between, the lululemon Pace Breakers are the perfect go-to bottoms for all your athletic endeavors. For starters, they’re built from lightweight, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch Swift fabric that won’t negatively impact your range of motion. But they also have an internal liner for additional support when you kick up the intensity. And they’re available in a whopping 11 different colorways, so you can keep your outfits stylish even when you’re putting in the work. Get a few pairs for yourself at just $68 a pop.

Purchase: $68