lululemon Engineers A Chafe-Free, Mesh Construction Shirt For Hardcore Training

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No matter the hobby, sport, or industry, the best garments and gear almost always come from companies comprised of staffers that are genuinely knowledgable, passionate, and experienced in their respective field, as their real-world experience and expertise allow them to identify and address any problems or shortcomings within their product space in a capacity that outsiders simply couldn’t. Case in point, lululemon’s all-new Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0, an advanced, purpose-built workout garment remedying two of the biggest issues associated with long-distance running and training garments.

Engineered specifically for prolonged running and athletic applications, the Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 utilizes a design with minimal seams and a stretch fit that hugely mitigate chafing. The long sleeve athletic shirt is made from a nylon and recycled polyester blend infused with elastane for added comfort, flex, and shape retention, as well as proprietary X-static® nylon that impedes the growth of odor-causing bacteria via lululemon’s antimicrobial Silverescent™ technology. What’s more, this material is crafted in a mesh construction that affords ample breathability. Collectively, these calculated features and elements—born out of real-world experience and developed with feedback from top-level athletes—come together to make for something of the ultimate long-sleeve training shirt. Available now in a whopping eight different solid and heather color options, the lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 is priced at $88.

Purchase: $88