lululemon Engineered The Ultimate High-Performance Warm Weather Workout Top

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Working out during the year’s warmer months comes with a host of special needs and requirements. In an effort to deliver optimal performance without compromising comfort, lululemon has engineered the ultimate warm-weather workout top from the ground up with its Metal Vent Breathe Long Sleeve.

The Metal Vent Breathe Long Sleeve is crafted from a sweat-wicking, quick-drying nylon-poly blend that’s been infused with Silverescent tech-enabled antimicrobial X-STATIC nylon and made using 100% recycled polyester. In addition to a streamlined athletic fit that allows for an unrestricted range of motion, the use of a special tubular four-way stretch construction eliminates the need for any seams, reducing bulk and making for an even lighter weight, more high-performance shirt while also removing the element from the garment that causes chafing. What’s more, the seamless design also allowed lululemon to strategically place integrated open-hole mesh ventilation sections in key areas where the body perspires most, unlike traditional performance garments that have their ventilation designs directly dictated by their construction. Offered in three color options, the lululemon Metal Vent Breathe Long Sleeve is available now, with pricing set at $88.

Purchase: $88