lululemon’s Drysense Hoodie Was Made To Address Post-Workout Perspiration

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Perspiration helps to keep our bodies cool amidst intense physical workouts, and though it may be a crucial function, excessive sweating can still be incredibly annoying while exercising. Knowing this reality from firsthand experience, the team over at lululemon has delivered an advanced training garment that’s been specifically engineered to address heavy perspiration during high-intensity and/or warm-weather workout applications.

Appropriately christened the “Drysense Hoodie,” this sweatshirt hugely mitigates the added weight and discomfort that’s normally brought on through intense perspiration while working out or training. The hoodie is crafted from a cutting-edge poly-nylon blend that’s quick-drying, moisture-wicking, made using 100% recycled polyester, and is infused with a small percentage of Lycra and X-STATIC nylon, the former of which affords four-way stretch while the latter offers odor-killing antimicrobial properties. A light shawl collar, a streamlined fit, and a heathered construction give the Drysense Hoodie a decidedly modern yet understated appearance, and its under-arm gusset, locker hanging loop, and scalloped cut make the sweatshirt even more conducive to exercise and training. Available now in five different color options, the lululemon Drysense Hoodie is priced at $108.

Purchase: $108