lululemon’s Four-Way Stretch ‘At Ease’ Jogger Maximizes Comfort & Mobility

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Strenuous workouts already involve their fair share of discomfort, so the last thing we want when pushing iron or the pounding the pavement is added strain from our clothing or exercise gear. Well aware of this, lululemon set out to develop a product range that maximizes comfort without compromising on quality or mobility, giving way to the aptly-named ‘At Ease’ Jogger.

Made from a soft, naturally-breathable four-way stretch material comprised of an amalgamation of cotton, polyester, and elastane, the ‘At Ease’ Jogger sports a streamlined fit around the thighs and glutes while tapering from the knee to the hem. Made from 86% recycled polyester, the waistband features a drawcord that can be worn outside, or inside to minimize snag and bulk while a zippered pocket provides a secure means of carrying smartphones, keys, cards, and other small items. This highly-calculated design also boasts a gusset placement that maximizes range of movement, as well as center-back tape that doubles as a locker loop. And, in addition to use at the gym, the ‘At Ease’ Jogger also lends itself incredibly well to lounging around the house or kicking back after a workout. Available for purchase now, the lululemon ‘At Ease’ Jogger is offered in two colors, both of which are priced at $128.

Purchase: $128