Deus Highlights An Elite Porsche Club With This 120-Page Coffee Table Book

The celebration of Porsche’s iconic, air-cooled cars isn’t an uncommon occurrence within the automotive industry. Each year, we’re reminded of the German manufacturer’s exquisite catalog, its heritage, influence, and immeasurable contributions to driving culture. It was because of this adoration that Luftgekühlt, a gathering of the brand’s most diehard fans, was created — and now, Deus Ex Machina is paying homage to the experience with an impeccably-designed hardcover.

Ever since the Luftgekühlt festival was first devised by Porsche aficionado Patrick Long, it’s served as an annual safe haven for builders, designers, drivers, and fans, offering one of the largest community-focused car exhibitions in the world. And, even though the meet is dedicated almost entirely to air-cooled culture, the experience is inherently elaborate, bringing passionate individuals from every corner of the world to Los Angeles’ bustling city streets for a day of extravagant sightseeing. Luckily, the nature of Luftgekühlt isn’t reserved for those willing to make the trek to California’s beautiful western coast. This 250-page hardcover illustrates the best aspects of the event in striking detail; highlighting the cars, the people, and the culture surrounding Germany’s esteemed manufacturer. Inside, you’ll find world-class photography documenting the first three years of Luft, as well as features from some of the meet’s most prolific individuals, including Jeff Zwart, Rod Emory, Bruce Meyer, and Rob Dickinson. Head to Deus’ website to pick up your own copy for $120.

Purchase: $120