Lucid Motors Air

To say that new electric car manufacturers are gunning for Tesla’s crown isn’t quite accurate anymore. At this point electric car makers are pretty blatantly challenging petrol powered marque’s dominance in the market. One great example of this is Lucid Motors. The car manufacturer is putting its sites squarely on the luxury electric car market with their upcoming model dubbed Air.

Featuring a 1,000 horsepower engine with 400 miles of range and a unique battery chemistry that allows for quick charges, this thing is already getting the attention of car lovers around the world. While the specs on the electric engine are impressive, what truly sets this car apart from the pack are the luxury features. All of the seats including those in the back are big and incredibly comfortable, making it so passengers can kick as far back as 55 degrees while looking up out the glass roof and enjoying the 29 specially tuned speakers. Prices for standard productions start at monthly payments of $2,500. [Purchase]

Lucid Motors' Air 1

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