Love Smart Turntable

There seems to be this consensus, even amongst the tech world, that old technology can’t be brought forward into the modern world. Sure, you can style new devices to look vintage and you can even update some of the innards of old gear, but that’s about as far as anyone goes. We ask, why can’t something that has seen a resurgence in popularity – like record players – be updated for the modern age? Well, it seems that the folks behind the Love smart turntable have responded to that very question.

With a beautiful exterior designed by none other than Swiss designer Yves Béhar, it’s no wonder this device has caught people’s attention. What we’re more excited about, however is the tech within. This turntable is entirely wireless, can be connected via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and can be controlled entirely via an included smartphone app. Though you can also control play with it’s simple button interface, the app also allows the user to skip or repeat tracks and even alter the play speed of the record. And best of all, it was conceived and designed in California and crafted right here in the USA. The launch in in just a few days, but you can sign up on the brand’s website to receive a notification and your chance to get up to 50% off the retail price – whatever that may end up being. [Purchase]