Love Hulten OriginX Retro Arcade

If you appreciate throwback gaming systems and you haven’t yet heard of Love Hulten, you might be living under a rock. Simply put, they make some of the absolute most gorgeous video game machines we’ve ever seen – retro or not. And they’ve added another brilliant entry to their catalogue with the OriginX arcade cabinet.

A tribute to the original Pong cabinet, this beautiful and slim wall-mountable machine is encased in walnut and features an aluminum control panel. It’s also equipped to run any game on the MAME platform with a modern computer under the hood capable of storing and emulating up to 10,000 games, but can also be equipped to play original JAMMA boards. Perhaps our favorite part of this stunning platform, however, is that the graphics run through a custom barrel distortion filter to mimic classic CRT monitors. Available either in standard yellow or customizable to your own preference, only 50 of these machines are to be made at a price of $3,405.

Purchase: $3,405