This All-In-One Retro Gaming Console Honors The Famicom

Love Hulten has made a huge impact on the world of gaming with their series of retro-inspired systems and consoles — each more beautiful than the last. But this time, they’ve come out with something exceedingly special: an all-in-one tribute to Nintendo’s first system that uses genuine vintage parts.

Called the FC-PVM, the core of this system is a genuine, original Japanese Famicom console mated to a 9″ Sony Trinitron PVM-9042QM monitor. But it doesn’t stop there; the brand also took the original controllers and turned them into wireless ones that can actually hideaway inside the system when they’re not in use. To further the all-in-one design, the top even has slots for up to 8 different game cartridges — meaning it can store up to nine at a time. As far as we can tell, this one-of-a-kind throwback unit isn’t for sale, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the near future — especially if there’s enough interest in the project.

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