Love Hulten Datorbox 4k VR Gaming PC

We all love state-of-the-art gear – especially when it comes to gaming machines. Their biggest downside, however, is that most of them are ugly eyesores. Thankfully, we’ve got Love Hulten in our corner – a brilliant gaming- and style-focused maker. Their latest creation, the Datorbox 4k VR gaming PC is nothing shy of stunning.

You read that right: this gorgeous retro-styled wooden box actually houses an impressive bunch of hardware that’s both VR-ready and supports 4k video. Each of the 50 limited edition Datorboxes are handmade in Sweden and feature your choice of an orange, emerald green, or specially customized finish. They’re also available in two options: the Gamers Edition (which features a i5-6400 processor & 128GB solid state drive) and the Deluxe Edition (equipped with a i7-6700 processor & 256GB SSD). And both come with 8 gigs of RAM, an extra non-solid state terabyte of storage space, and numerous ports to suit all your PC needs. They retail for $2,492 and $2,789, respectively.

Purchase: $2,492+