Love Hulten Astovox

If Don Draper had desk speakers, we’re pretty sure he’d have Love Hulten’s Astovox. Set in cubic casings made from African Mahogony and featuring brushed aluminum speaker-plates, not only do these things absolutely drip with mid-century cool, but they boast some of the highest fidelity audio hardware out there.

The speakers, made by Love Hulten himself, house two Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75 inch drivers with two way crossover capability. Thanks in large part to these speakers’ Aramid Basalt composite construction, they maintain a great sound at both high and low volumes. The amps built into these hand-crafted pieces also feature a TPA3116 chip from Texas Instruments. This bit of tech enables both a tone control and Bluetooth input for wireless play. For those not interested in losing quality over a Bluetooth connection, the speakers also allow for a direct 3.5 AUX connection. Pretty much the next best thing to an actual time-hop directly back to the 1950’s.

Purchase: $1,555+