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Love Hultén’s Arcade Coffee Table Is An Homage To Retro Gaming Machines

Love Hultén has a way of combining retro flavor with modern design terminology. As a result, they’ve excelled at creating an undeniable unison of nostalgic furniture and component styles, with the vast majority being catered toward video game culture. Now, the company has brought an interesting new project to life.

The Love Hultén Arcade Coffee Table is yet another socially-focused offering from the timeless brand. Inspired by the control boards and button-filled faces of old-school arcade machines, the centerpiece takes on a duality not often seen within the furniture realm. The majority of its life is spent as an unassuming coffee table, with typical (albeit, premium) joinery, an aesthetically-pleasing wood grain top, and a pull-out drawer for magazine/remote storage. At least that’s what the Gothenburg-based brand would have you believe. Instead, the multipurpose model features a full-fledged control panel that’s accessible via its removable joysticks, allowing retro console enthusiasts to partake in their favorite games, without having to mess with various cables, wires, and other mischievous peripherals. Each model is crafted with hearty American walnut and brass, giving it a vintage appeal that meshes perfectly with its nostalgic design. Head to Love Hultén’s website to learn more.

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