Love Hulten Unveils A Bespoke Mid-Century Apple-1 Computer Display Case

Originally unveiled in 1976, the Apple Computer 1 (better known simply as the “Apple-1”) was the Silicone Valley giant’s first-ever product, custom-designed and hand-built by a young Steve Wozniak and funded via money raised through Steve Jobs selling off his beloved Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus. As the inaugural product from what is now almost certainly the world’s most eminent technology company, its hard to understate the significance of the Apple-1—with genuine “Woz-built” specimen’s fetching around $500,000 at auction—though Sweden’s Love Hulten is giving the piece of 1970s tech a proper exhibition display with a fully-bespoke computer case christened the “APLE.”

Constructed, assembled, and polished entirely by hand, the APLE is comprised of a (what appears to be a) walnut frame set atop a matching table, complete with an integrated keyboard, a raised monitor housing, and a slide-out drawer capped off with a piece of plexiglass that opens to reveal the Apple-1’s circuit board. The circuit board housing also includes an integrated light, as well as a domed piece of glass that allows it to be seen when the drawer is closed. Like all LOVE HULTÉN products, each APLE specimen is fully-custom and made-to-order, and while pricing hasn’t been revealed, we expect the APLE to go for at least $10,000, considering the Gothenburg outfit’s arcade cabinets typically carry a roughly $5,000 price tag. For more info or to place your own order, you can check out the link to the Love Hulten website below.

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