Loupedeck+ Photo Editing Console

Only a couple of years ago a small company from Finland gave us the Loupedeck, which freed us from editing photos on a keyboard. Now they’ve improved upon their photo editing console with the Loupedeck+, expanding on the original with more functionality and customization options.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade for the Loupedeck+ is its added support for programs like Skylum’s Aurora HDR and beta integration with Capture One, so it’s not just tied down to Adobe Lightroom anymore. On top of that, there will be further software integrations planned for later in the year. In this updated version, there are two customizable dials and 17 buttons, along with upgraded software, to fine tune colors, adjust lightness and contrast, as well as speed up your workflow with instant access functions. There’s even a custom mode that gives you the power to easily control extremely sensitive functions like tone curve, split toning, sharpening and noise reduction. Make your photo editing sessions more enjoyable with this intuitive console.

Purchase: $270