Louis C.K. iOS App

Louis C.K. is one of the most consequential comics of the past decade for a couple of different reasons. First, and most obvious, is that he is hilarious. Secondly, his website and the $5 comedy specials he sells on it have helped us all rethink the way we go about buying comedy specials and streaming TV. Direct from the comic to the audience. Now, with the Louis C.K. iOS App you can get all of his great content delivered directly to the phone in your pocket.

With the Louis CK app on your phone, you can stream videos of his new show Horace and Pete, both watch and listen to a variety of stand up performances from Louie and other comics, and even get push notifications about newly announced tours and shows. Not a big fan of watching shows on your phone? The app allows you to stream videos to your T.V. using either AirPlay, Google Cast and Chromecast. Oh. And it is totally free. [Purchase]