Lotus Elise Safari Concept Car

Famous for sports and racing cars meant to dominate smooth racetracks, Lotus isn’t associated immediately with off-track adventures. Well, performance tuning parts company Decl-Concept imagined and brought to life a Lotus Elise S1 Safari Concept Car made for unforgiving roads.

The swift Lotus Elise S1 with its low suspension is one of the lightest road-legal sports cars ever made, weighing in at only 1,600lbs. It has a mid-engine Rover K series 1.8L with 120hp, allowing it to hit 60mph in about five seconds. Thanks to the team at Decl-Concept, Matthieu Echeverrai’s dream of a rugged Lotus was brought to life . This vigorous safari vehicle is an homage to Colin Chapman, the creator of Lotus. Without a doubt, the first Lotus safari edition is the baddest on the block. We have our fingers crossed this car will make an appearance in a rally race in the near future.

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