Lordstown Motors Takes Aim At Tesla’s Cybertruck With An Electric Pickup

While they were once somewhat of a novelty, electric cars are increasingly become the norm, permeating nearly every segment in the auto industry, with the latest being the truck and SUV markets. And while Tesla’s contentious new Cybertruck has amassed the lion’s share of the media’s attention, there’s another US-based company in the mix that’s aiming to beat Tesla to market with its own take on a battery-powered pick-up.

Based out of GM’s former six-million square-foot Lordstown, Ohio facility, Lordstown Motors has begun showing off its forthcoming electric pick-up, christened the “Endurance.” A futuristic rendition of a classic pick-up, the Endurance capitalizes on its EV powertrain’s lack of radiator by bestowing the truck with a unique front-end assembly. The truck also boasts a number of recessed cavity lines that house LED lights running across the length of the truck before wrapping around the back to form the taillights and the front where it blends into the aforementioned nose. Powering the all-wheel-drive electric is four hub-mounted motors that draw from an undercarriage battery pack that affords a range of more than 250-miles. The Ohio-based outfit has yet to release full specs on the Endurance, though it’s slated to begin deliveries towards the tail-end of 2020. For only $100, you can currently preorder a Lordstown Motors Endurance, which starts at $52,500.

Purchase: $52,500+