Lordstown’s 600HP Pickup Will Be The First EV To Enter The San Felipe 250

Last summer, Lordstown Motors officially unveiled the production-ready version of its Tesla Cybertruck-rivaling electric Endurance pickup. Billed as a truck that would offer not only eco-friendly sustainability but also impressive safety and reliability, it looked to be a promising first model from the Ohio-based EV startup.

In an effort to make good on their claims, the folks at Lordstown have announced that they’ll be competing in the 2021 San Felipe 250, a punishing 290-mile loop that traverses the Mexican desert. As such, they’ve taken their Endurance Beta skateboard platform and given it a full-on Baja-ready redesign, the end result being the vehicle we’ve featured here. Under the hood, it’ll be powered by the same quad motor setup as the stock truck, a unit that’s good for 600hp, 2,000lb-ft of continuous torque, and up to 7,500lbs of towing capacity. However, elsewhere you’ll find a number of changes, including added lights to improve visibility, widened wheel arches to fit more rubber, and a taller ride height to clear obstacles. Rounded out by a set of racing seats and an interior roll cage, it’ll be the first-ever EV to race in the event. Only time will tell how they plan to accommodate its 250-mile range.

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