Logitech Unveils A 70-Hour WFH Mouse That Works On Any Surface

Working from home has its ups and downs, but if you’re used to working in a specific way, and with specific gear, it can be troublesome to utilize that same hardware within your living space. To remedy this, Logitech has unveiled its newest WFH-focused mouse, the MX Anywhere 3.

The MX Anywhere 3 arrives as an answer to all our qualms surrounding versatile, work-from-anywhere computer accessories. To do so, the brand has marketed the mouse as a “go anywhere, do anything” powerhouse that can be used on virtually any surface. A new, ultra-silent MagSpeed Electromagnetic scroll wheel allows you to traverse up to 1,000 lines per second, while still providing workers with the tactile feel that they’ve become accustomed to with heavier, inertial components. A precise tracking system allows for seamless transitions from wood, marble, laminate, leather, and plastic, all the way to clear glass, which is typically the most difficult surface for modern mouse navigation. Plus, it’s got 70 hours of battery life, can work for up to three hours off of a one-minute charge, and can fit in almost any bag, carry-on, or pocket, allowing users to work from any location with ease. Head to Logitech’s website to pick up one of your own for $80.

Purchase: $80