Optimize Your WFH Office With Logitech’s All-In-One Docking Station Speaker

One of the biggest problems with working remotely lies in the inherent clutter that your home office setup creates. Because let’s face it. Most of us already have too much junk on our desktops as it is, so adding speakers, microphones, and chargers to the mix is a disorderly disaster waiting to happen.

With Logitech’s Logi Dock, however, you can put an end to these workstation woes for good. Less a docking station than it is a self-contained desktop cleaning solution, it wraps a 100W charger, six noise-canceling microphones, and a pair of 55mm neodymium drivers into one compact-yet-capable package. So, in addition to powering up to five USB devices (along with two monitors and a laptop), this also means that you can take conference calls at the push of a button and even steam your music via Bluetooth. And here’s the thing: should you want further control of your schedule, Logitech’s Logi Tune app allows you to sync the Logi Dock with calendars for personalized alerts and button inputs. You’ll be able to buy it later this year for $399.

Purchase: $399

Photo: logitech