Loftie’s Bedside Lamp Will Make You Actually Want to Get Out of Bed

Getting out of bed can be a struggle for many, but Loftie is one brand that’s making our daily morning routine a little more palatable. As a follow-up to the brand’s popular alarm clock, Loftie has now released a bedside lamp that aims to make wake-up time something you’ll actually enjoy.

The Loftie Lamp is a tech-heavy smart lamp that aims to bring you healthier and happier bedtime habits. Chief among its features is its simulated sunrise alarm, which sees warm light gently travel from the lamp’s base to its top over the course of nine minutes. On the flip side, the lamp can also be programmed to wind down at the end of the night, with soft colors that gradually dim to a calming glow. There are also settings for reading, guided breathing, and more.

The Loftie Lamp doesn’t eschew form for function, though. The lamp boasts a beautiful and sleek modern design and is constructed with a cylindrical base with a polycarbonate shell and a steel mesh shade. The WiFi-connected lamp can be controlled via the Loftie app on your smartphone, but if you prefer a simpler interface, it also boasts physical buttons for operation. The lamp can even be paired with your Loftie Clock for an even more personalized experience incorporating light and sound.

The Loftie Lamp is available for pre-order now on the brand’s website for the discounted price of $199 (eventual MSRP $229), with the first units expected to ship out in August.

Purchase: $199

Photo: Loftie
Photo: Loftie