Lofree Mechanical Keyboard

If longevity is the only metric one uses to measure success, it’s hard to think of Christopher Latham Sholes’ QWERTY keyboard as anything other than a triumph. Well over 100 years since its first application, people are still using some variation of his original setup, and even creating new ones. Perfect example; the Lofree Mechanical Keyboard.

This keyboard combines the best modern mechanical keypads have to offer with the classic round-button design of older typewriters. Depending on your preference (and battery life) these typewriters can be tethered to your device via a wire or Bluetooth. Thanks to its ability to be paired with three devices simultaneously, you can switch between your desktop, phone, or tablet as easily as you can rotate between the three different backlighting options. Thanks to a similar layout to most Mac keyboards, this one will surely be an easy transfer for most Apple device users. Prices are yet to be announced but you can sign up for updates. [Purchase]