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Loeva’s See-Through SUP Comes With LED Lights To Illuminate The Sea Below

With its roots in kayaking and surfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) offers something for all kinds of water sports enthusiasts. So, whether you’re into SUP for yoga, for sporty paddling excursions, or for longer-term trips, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also engaging in some good ole physical activity. But imagine just how much better it could be, let’s say if you could see through the board.

Well, Loeva is one step ahead of us. Its innovative offering, known as “Le Standup”, is a totally transparent SUP that allows you to view everything in the water below. Made from a type of special acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp, it provides the clarity of crystal with the added benefit of being both shock- and scratch-resistant. What’s more, it features an aerospace-grade carbon structure to bind things together, ensuring that the board is light, stiff, and ready to rip. And if that wasn’t enough — Loeva has also given it two sets of LED lights that will illuminate the water up to a depth of 15 meters. Contact Loeva for more information.

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