Lodge Cast Iron Chef Collection

When it comes to perfectly defined kitchen collections, Lodge has undoubtedly taken the cake — offering what is, essentially, the all-in-one solution for cast iron connoisseurs. Now, the company has decided to update the classic collection following decades of trusted use.

The newly revealed Lodge Chef Collection brings a lighter design orientation to its new lineup, which consists of an oil-seasoned 10-inch cast iron skillet, 12-inch skillet, 12-inch everyday pan, 12-inch stirfry skillet, and 11-inch griddle/grill pans. To bring the USA-made cookware into modernity, the brand has successfully devised a way to shed around 15 percent of the collection’s original weight, thanks to a slimline, tapered design, elongated handles, and angular walls that provide a drastically improved cooking experience. The Chef Collection is available now via Lodge’s website, with cast iron cookers starting at $27.

Purchase: $27+