GM & Lockheed Martin Team Up To Make The Next Lunar Rover For NASA

Photo: GM/Lockheed Martin

Humans haven’t set foot on the moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, but that’s set to change with NASA’s upcoming Artemis program. And when it does, General Motors and Lockheed Martin will be there, as the two legendary American companies have announced they are jointly producing the next Lunar Rover to be used on the mission.

GM and Lockheed Martin have been tapped by NASA to develop a new Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) that will allow astronauts to explore the lunar surface in unprecedented ways, giving humans the chance to reach more of the moon than ever before. GM previously developed the Lunar Roving Vehicle that was used in the Apollo 15-17 moon landings, but that rover was capable of traveling just 4.7 miles from its launch site. The new rovers will have a considerably longer range, helped in part by an autonomous driving system developed by GM. The new LTV is also being designed specifically to navigate the cold, dark, and rough terrain of the moon’s south pole, which will be explored in the upcoming Artemis missions. You can learn more about the new LTV by visiting Lockheed Martin’s website.

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