Lockheed Martin’s Lunar Lander Could Return Us To The Moon

Astronauts haven’t set footprints on the Moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. But we’re finally planning to make a triumphant return to the natural satellite of Earth, and the journey begins with the Lockheed Martin Lunar Lander Concept.

Taking cues from the Orion spacecraft, this three-stage lander will have ascent and descent technology. The Lunar Lander Concept will also have a larger descent element, which means astronauts won’t require a transfer vehicle. In addition, astronauts can land anywhere on the Moon’s cratered surface and stay there for months via the Gateway space dock. With an extended stay on the Moon, intrepid astronauts can learn more about Earth and our solar system. NASA’s main goal is to get to Mars, trying to make sci-fi films a reality. But first, they have to establish a sustainable existence on the Moon and develop a lunar economy. Through the development of the Lockheed Martin Lunar Lander Concept, the current objective is to get humans back on the Moon by 2024.

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