Lo-Ruiter Longboard

As the Lo-Ruiter Longboard would suggest, West-Michigan designer Joey Ruiter is just as interested in designing ways to get around as he is with furniture – his main professional focus. That may seem like an odd combination to some, but when you take a minute to think about it – designing ways to get around and furniture are remarkably similar. They both need to be functional and distinct, and this longboard is just that.

With trucks set on the surface of the board, the molded maple and carbon fiber deck sits much lower to the ground than others. In order to keep the low profile design along with the fun of cutting and carving down hills on a longboard, Ruiter drilled out wheel-wells so a rider can still turn around corners. The build of the board also makes it so you can slow down by placing your shoe on the spinning back wheels, and the handles make it easy to carry around and stow. You can hit the road on one of these for around $300. [Purchase]

Lo Ruiter 2

Lo Ruiter 3

Lo-Ruiter 1

Lo-Ruiter 4

Lo-Ruiter 5