The Compact Multi-Purpose Prefab ‘Studypod’ Can Be Dropped Anywhere

Jul 9, 2020

Category: Living

Transitioning one of your dwelling’s many rooms into a work-from-home area can be a bit daunting, especially if you aren’t prepared for the long and arduous process of outfitting, furniture shopping, and building. Luckily, Livit is making that process a little easier, thanks to the introduction of the Studypod — a compact isolation area that can turn virtually any space into a focused, WFH environment.

The Livit Studypod is a 7×7 workspace for even the most design-minded individual, calling upon a composite material construction, a large, front-facing window, and a bespoke desk setup that will allow you to transition between different layouts with ease. Inside, a series of downward-facing lights help to illuminate the Studypod’s interior, ensuring that you’ll have adequate visibility when the sun’s hanging a little lower in the sky. Pair that with the box’s near-soundproof attributes, Oak laminate flooring, and a power outlet to keep all of your important devices charged and at the ready, and you’ve got the perfect formula for a space that can be placed anywhere, and accessed at any time — easing your anxieties when it comes to the creation of the perfect in-home work area. Head to Livit’s website to pick up the Studypod for $13,450 and up.

Purchase: $13,450+

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