This Amphibious Vehicle Is A Personal Tank For Traversing Virtually Any Terrain

The market for an all-terrain vehicle isn’t sparse, but few companies can match the capability of LiteTrax’s well-rounded vehicles. After introducing a handful of recreational tracked variants for snow and trail use, the outfit’s most recent project — the MuddTrax MTX-C — is slated to offer even more off-road performance for commercial buyers.

On the shoulders of its publicly-focused counterpart, the MTX-R, the MTX-C boasts a similar overall layout, drawing upon capable overland tracks, variable speed selectors, and an amphibious chassis that can support anywhere from two to four people. The difference, however, lies in the MTX-C’s powertrain, which utilizes one of four selectable engine layouts to propel it forward, including a 45-horsepower Kubota 1.5L Turbo Diesel Tier 3, 56-horsepower Hatz 1.5L Turbo Diesel Tier 4, 74-horsepower Hatz 2.0L Turbo Diesel Tier 4, and a 75-horsepower Ford 2.5L Gas engine, resulting in a maximum speed of around 18 miles-per-hour. To complement the vehicle’s slow-crawling persona, a dynamic suspension system, high ground clearance, and 18-inch tracks provide users with an amphibious variant that can take on any terrain, while quality-of-life implementations like a mosquito abetment, rear jib-boom, cargo bed, and cold weather package round things out. Head to LiteTrax’s website for more information.

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