The Fully-Redesigned ‘CORE’ Is the Most Secure Bike Lock LITELOK’s Ever Made

Be it cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bicycles, there’s been a massive influx in vehicle theft since the outbreak of the global pandemic, and with no signs of this unfortunate trend slowing down anytime soon, it’s more important now than ever before for bicycle and motorcycle commuters to secure their rides. In an attempt to give single-track vehicle owners the best fighting chance, LITELOK has introduced a completely redesigned anti-theft device known as the LITELOK CORE.

Representing LITELOK’s most secure lock to date, the CORE shares a myriad of the elements that made its predecessor, the LITELOK Gold, such a hit with two-wheeler enthusiasts such as its click-to-lock feature, and its overall lightweight, parable, and flexible design. That’s where the similarities end, however, as the CORE has been redesigned from the inside out with an all-new 24mm Boaflexicore Plus system and a hardened steel inline lock body made from aerospace-grade steel. The actual device is comprised of a multi-filament inner core, sheathed in a fine grain steel exoskeleton that’s set inside a polymeric matrix layered and covered with an exterior braided outer sleeve. The LITELOK CORE is available now on Kickstarter — where it’s already tripled its funding goal — starting from $126.

Kickstarter: $126+