Litelok Bicycle Lock

As our bicycles get lighter, shouldn’t our bike locks as well? That’s the sensible theory at play with Litelok, a new lightweight, flexible, and super secure bike lock.

The MVP here is something called Boaflexicore, a newly created composite material that’s in the form of a 29-inch strap here, and promises to be nearly impossible to cut with cable cutters, bolt croppers and hacksaws. Litelok weighs less than 2.2 pounds, so it’s a breeze to take with you, and it locks quickly and without a key (you do need one to unlock it, of course). It mounts on the top tube or within your bicycle’s frame using two included WrapStraps. There’s also a custom frame bag which attaches your bike via hook and loop fixings. [Purchase]

Litelok Bicycle Lock 2

Litelok Bicycle Lock 3

Litelok Bicycle Lock 4

Litelok Bicycle Lock 5