‘Liteboxer’ Brings Rhythmic Guided Pro Boxing Workouts Into Your Home

Following Peloton’s unparalleled success within the world of fitness, companies have been scrambling to create the next iteration of the cutting-edge, in-home trainer. Many have tried and failed to create something worthwhile, but one company has come relatively close; albeit, in a different fashion.

Capitalizing on the brand’s original design, Liteboxer has opted to turn the in-home exercise plan, app, and coaching platform into a fighter’s dreamscape. Calling upon the time-tested standup punch ball as its basis, the high-tech product is easily described as “Dance Dance Revolution,” but for boxers. It features two different pads (representing the face and body), each with their own light-up zones that illuminate to a backdrop of different rhythms and genres of music. You’ll even be able to stream classes and workouts via the company’s app, where certified trainers will coach you, and help you to meet your goals on a daily basis. However, the price for in-home comfort is somewhat steep. You’ll have to spend $1,495 for the device, which includes an initial trial period of three months, before being placed on a $29 a month subscription plan, should you continue. Head to the company’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $1,495+