Liong Mah Designs Deploys An EDC-Ready Titanium & Carbon Fiber Folder

While it was never a groundbreaking model, Liong Mah’s original 2019 Field Duty knife heavily resonated with collectors and EDC enthusiasts thanks to its rugged construction, understated aesthetics, overall quality, and immense utility. Now, for 2020, the Florida-based knife maker’s revised the Field Duty, delivering a more compact version with a subtle series of tweaks that together allow the folder to be markedly more conducive to everyday carry.

Dubbed the Field Duty EDC (or FD EDC), the new smaller model is incredibly thin, yet still extremely sturdy, thanks to the use of Mick Strider’s “Monoblock” construction, in which the backspacer and front scale are made from a single piece of titanium. The original version’s 4.0” Bohler-M390 blade’s been replaced with a 3.5” spear-point item composed of Elmax steel, now measuring 7.5” when opened, versus the larger’s model’s 9” length. Deployed via an ambidextrous thumb cutout, the FD EDC also gets revised handle ergonomics and a SHIELD pivot system, which increases durability while mitigating the need for maintenance with a non-rotating pivot. Available for preorder now, the Liong Mah Designs Field Duty EDC starts at $279 for the black or OD green G-10 and titanium version and goes up to $339 for the carbon fiber and titanium variant.

Purchase: $279+