Linedock Smart Portable Laptop Charger

For many people, laptops are essential to execute the everyday grind, which is why it’s important to supplement it with additional technology so that it performs without fail. Enter the Linedock, a portable device with nine ports that’s made to juice up your laptop and boost its all-around performance.

The Linedock can charge at full speed, as its 20,000 mAh battery can deliver 60W of power to your laptop. However, it’s not just for your laptop, as you can charge up to six devices simultaneously on this device, including a drone, GoPro, Nintendo Switch and your iPhone X. Also, you can choose up to 1TB SSD for this bad boy, allowing you to store massive projects so you can take your work anywhere. You can even load an entire operating system onto the Linedock and work on an entirely different OS without switching machines. Yes, it will add some noticeable weight to your MacBook or Macbook Pro, but it’s relatively thin and packs a hell of a punch for those that want a major boost for their laptops. It’s available now in 12, 13 and 15-inch models.

Purchase: $400