LINC Smartphone Walkie Talkie

The last thing you want to do in the woods is to completely lose your ability to communicate. But given the nature of our large national parks and thin phone networks, our phones – no matter how smart they are – can be incredibly unreliable. As a result, most backpackers opt for big two way radios, while others just cross their fingers and hope all goes well. Phantom Dynamics has come up with a third solution – something they’re calling the LINC Smartphone Walkie Talkie.

This clever tool is built to clip right on to the back of the Moto Z. Once paired with the phone and the LINC app, it will function as an essential backcountry communication tool. The add-on and app combine to offer users 22 channels, SMS support, GPS sharing and can even shoot out an SOS signal. One of the best parts about this setup is that not everyone in your team has to have LINC. The clip-on can also communicate with other two way radios within a five mile radius thanks to its radio-over-IP gateway. All of this will make it a must have for adventurers who often find themselves outside of the reach of phone service. Prices start at $100. [Purchase]