Lilium Electric Jet

Flying used to be a really straightforward process. Show up at the airport, buy a ticket, get on the plane, and you’re good. Now, obviously, things aren’t so simple; long lines, expensive Uber’s to the airport, and cramped seats are all painfully common. Thanks to the Lilium Electric Jet, however, we may soon be able to skip all of that.

This electric two seater currently being developed in Germany will only require a 49 by 49 foot level surface in order to take off and land – making it operable for anyone with a large enough yard. All users will need is a pilots license and 20 hours behind the joystick before they can take this up solo. Running on batteries instead of petrol, this thing can hit top speeds of 250 miles per hour and fly for 300 miles on a single charge. That is New York City to D.C. in less than an hour, or Los Angeles to Monterey in a little over that time. With release slated for 2018, it’s leaving us wondering – why exactly do we need a hyperloop?

Lilium Electric Jet 1

Lilium Electric Jet 2

Lilium Electric Jet 3

Lilium Electric Jet 4

Lilium Electric Jet 5