Buzz Lightyear’s Origin Story Takes Center Stage in the Full ‘Lightyear’ Trailer

Photo: Disney

When it comes to Pixar, there is very little they do wrong, and so has been the case dating back to the studio’s very first feature-length film in Toy Story. Released well over two decades ago, the animated masterpiece has proven popular enough to garner a trio of praise-worthy sequels, numerous television spin-offs, and even its own themed land at Walt Disney World. While that is great and all, enough time has passed since the original’s release to give fans thorough details regarding even the background behind some of these individual toys. As a result, we now have Lightyear to look forward to.

Based on the (fictional) human astronaut who inspired the eponymous action figure, the forthcoming Buzz Lightyear origin story sees Chris Evans taking over voice acting duties for Tim Allen as we watch everyone’s favorite Space Ranger venture through infinity and, of course, beyond. Based on the trailer, Buzz is accompanied by a handful of companions through his journey, with a personal companion cat robot named Sox already looking to provide the majority of comedic relief for this rather adventurous new prequel. On top of that, for the first time since the film’s announcement, long-time fans finally catch a glimpse of what Emporer Zurg will look like in his even more villainous role.

The trailer is aptly soundtracked by the late, great David Bowie’s “Starman” and provides a sensory experience unlike much of what we’ve seen from Pixar in the past. While it surely offers some valuable humor, Lightyear looks to serves as a space-age sci-fi flick as much as it does a lighthearted spin-off — one way or another, we have no qualms with it.

While Toy Story 4 ended with Woody phasing out of the group and leaving things for Buzz to take care of on the toy side, it should be interesting to see Buzz get his time in the spotlight — even if it is technically a different version of the character than we’re used to seeing. Lightyear is set to hit theaters on June 17th.