Lightning Strike Electric Motorcycle

With a veritable slew of all-electric motorcycles making their debut at a rapid pace, it seems almost necessary to shed light on an up-and-coming brand that’s primed to make its mark in the space. Lightning Motorcycles newest offering, dubbed the Strike, is a multi-tier cycle that gives riders the option to choose between varying power and torque levels.

The company has introduced three different variants of their upcoming all-electric “Strike” motorcycle, defined by a standard-, mid-, and long-range carbon fiber offering. The Standard and Mid will both feature a 90-horsepower, 180 ft-lb of torque platform — the only difference being the battery size of each model. The Standard will boast a 10 kWh battery that’s good for up to 100 miles of travel, while it’s bigger brother, the Mid, will add an extra 5 kWh on top of that (for a grand total of 15 kWh and a 150-mile range). To round out the collection of all-electric bikes, the high-end Carbon Edition will feature a significantly improved powerplant, as well as less weight. At 120 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, this clean-running beast extends the range of the Mid by almost 50 miles, topping out at a well-regarded 200-mile range. A sleek body style and aerodynamic principles help set this bike apart from its competitors — and for around $13,000 (for the base model), you’ll be able to pick one up in July.

Purchase: $13,000+