Light L16 Camera

Oct 22, 2015

Category: Tech

Cameras haven’t exactly seen much along the lines of new, impressive technology over the past few years, mostly due to a shift in consumers being focused on their smartphone cameras and action cams. Light, a photography company, has designed the L16, a camera with 16 lenses on its face, allowing users to produce a high-quality final image with a resolution of up to 52-megapixels.

The camera fires ten lenses with a single push. It captures the detail of any shot at multiple fixed focal lengths, and then the images are fused together to create one high-res photo. What’s more, photographers are able to adjust focus and depth of field even after the photo has been taken. The camera has a built-in 35 to 150 mm optical zoom, Wi-Fi connectivity, and onboard editing. It has a friendly interface and a large touch screen that makes it easy to snap professional-looking photos. It’s available now for reserve for $1,299. [Purchase]

Light L16 Digital Camera 2

Light L16 Digital Camera 3

Light L16 Digital Camera 4

Light L16 Digital Camera 5

Light L16 Digital Camera 6

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