LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs 1
Light bulbs aren’t something we normally get too excited about, but that’s because we had never seen anything as awesome as the LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs.

Since its inception in the 1800s, the light bulb hasn’t changed much. LIFX looks to change all that with what they’re calling the world’s smartest energy efficient light bulb. So what is LIFX you ask? It’s an energy efficient, multi-color LED light bulb that is fully controlled by your smartphone or mobile device. You can change the color, set the mood with the dim option, and so much more without ever having to get up from the couch. There are also a ton of additional features like the ability to have the lights pulsate different colors when you receive notifications like Facebook updates and text messages, along with having the lights alternate colors to the beat of your favorite song. The bulbs install just like the ones you currently have screwed in, use a tenth of the power (saving you money), and last up to 25 years. If you lose your smartphone, don’t worry. LIFX can be operated just like your current setup – with the flip of a switch. The next shipment of LIFX light bulbs is set to land during Q1 of 2014, and you can now pre-order through the brand’s website.

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs 2

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