Liberty Walk Wants To Turn Your Favorite Japanese Microcar Into A Nissan GT-R

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting body kits, automotive replicas, and miniature builds, but few can come close to Liberty Walk’s most recent project. Over the past weekend, the Nagoya-based brand revealed one of it’s most interesting aftermarket offerings to-date — a GT-R-inspired widebody for a Daihatsu Copen. That’s right, we said “GT-R Diahatsu Copen.”

Initially, the idea seemed a bit too far fetched — even for LW. After all, the Diahatsu Copen is a modest Japanese Kei car, meaning that it’s more of a go-kart than anything. It boasts an ultra-compact silhouette that’s below the 11.2 x 4.9-foot recommendation set forth by traditional manufacturers. On top of that, it’s not powered by a conventional engine, opting instead for something that you might see in a track-savvy midget car. In the case of Daihatsu’s latest model, a 658cc three-cylinder turbocharged DOHC is used, giving it a rocket-like persona at an output of just 63 horsepower. Apparently, Liberty Walk saw this vehicle in a different light, gifting it with an enhanced front splitter, flared wheel arches, extended skirts, and a quad-tip exhaust similar to its “big brother,” the Nissan GT-R. The kit is slated for release at only $3,185, but like many LW offerings, it’s likely that it’ll never make it stateside — especially since we’ve never seen a Daihatsu on American soil.

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