Libelule Amphibious Vehicle

Renderings By Adolfo Esquivel

All terrain vehicles are rarely really all terrain. Yeah, you can hit really rough roads in the woods, head over sandy paths, and even jam through mud, but when it comes to trekking over the water? You better hope you have the Libelule Amphibious Vehicle designed by Charles Bombardier.

Looking like one of those pods from the newest Jurassic Park movie, this vehicle is built to move easily across dry land thanks to a couple of large wheels that rest above the glass and steel cabin. When it comes to diving underwater, this vehicle really takes in its surroundings. Operators of the vehicle have to strap on an oxygen mask before heading out to sea due to the fact that the Libelule uses water as a ballast. Paddles on the interior of the wheel-well make it so the vehicle can move around both on-top of and under the water with relative speed. We’d definitely be down to drive these around in Joel Hammond’s park. [H/T: Wired]

Libelule Amphibious Vehicle 1

Libelule Amphibious Vehicle 2

Libelule Amphibious Vehicle 02

Libelule Amphibious Vehicle 3