LG’s Noise-Canceling Self-Sanitizing Earbuds Are Back & Better Than Ever

With an ever-increasing amount of truly wireless earbuds on the market, it can be difficult to attest to the quality of each individual offering. LG’s TONE Free lineup, on the other hand, has been lauded as one of the brand’s finest flagship offerings, receiving critical praise for its isolation-savvy HBS-FN6. Now, the brand is elaborating on the success of the model with the next-generation HBS-FN7 earbud.

Continuing the partnership between it and Meridian, LG’s HBS-FN7 truly wireless earbuds promise to retain all of the benefits of its sibling, including professionally-tuned premium sound, comfortable in-ear fitment, and a hygienically-focused UVnano charging case. Where it deviates, however, is the addition of the brand’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, which monitors directional sound and neutralizes it via an advanced, three-microphone architecture. Paired with the HBS-FN7’s twist-fit Vortex Ribs, sound seepage is kept to a minimum, allowing the professionally-tuned earbuds to provide an unparalleled listening experience to the user. Of course, this new ANC technology wouldn’t be as exciting without the addition of Meridian’s renowned sound reproduction, which promises the realistic delivery of vocals, balanced mid-tones, and fuller, richer bass, simulating a live soundstage. As of this writeup, the earbud is launching exclusively in South Korea, with dates for both a North American and European iteration coming sometime before the end of the year.

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