LG K7i Mosquito Repelling Smartphone

Back in the early days of touch-screen smartphone technology, people talked a lot about ‘killer apps’. These were easy to use applications that managed to be both simple and powerful. But killer? An embellishment to be sure. The LGK71 Mosquito Repelling smartphone, on the other hand, may be a bonafide life saver.

Not only does this phone do everything you’d want a smartphone to do – take calls, send messages, record video – but it also repels mosquitos wherever you go. The back of the phone has a bulbous portion topped off by a hexagonal mesh screen from which a high-pitched frequency can be emitted. This noise isn’t audible to human ears, but it is offensive enough to mosquitos that they keep their distance. To a western consumer, this may seem like a lot of fuss for a small problem. But if you’re one of the reported 3.2 billion people living in the 95 countries who are at risk of being infected with malaria – having your own portable mosquito repeller could be a literal life saver. And thanks to the comparatively affordable pricing set at around $100, this won’t just be limited to those who have the means. Well done, LG.

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